Q. What hours do you work?
A. From 8:00AM until 6:00PM.

Q. Do I clean gutters?
A. Yes - If I can reach them.

Q. How long will the job take?
  • A typical 20 window house - 2 1/2 Hours
  • A typical 30 window house - 3 1/2 Hours

Seem fast? Well I've been doing this everyday for 20 years! I've developed a good system and got it down to a science!

Q. What about bad weather? Do I work in the rain?
A. Yes - I work in inclement weather - as long as it's not "pouring," - I'll work. Obviously - the final decision is yours. I've found that an inclement day does not affect my ability to clean a window.

Q. Do I need to be home to get my windows cleaned?
A. No. Many customers leave a key, or we can make arrangements so that the house is open for me to work (neighbors, kids at home, meeting you at home before I start the job, etc.) I prefer you to be home, but with people's work, family schedules, it's sometimes impossible. Call me - we'll work it out.

Q. What form of payment?
A. Checks or cash.

Q. Do I require payment when the job is done?
A. No. I can bill you, you send it within a reasonable amount of time.

Q. How do I clean the windows?
A. I squeegee and sponge each window by hand. THE BEST WAY! (No hoses, powerwashers, etc.)

Q. Do I have employees?
A. No, all work is done by me.

Q. Do I clean screens?
A. Yes - I wipe them down with my sponge.

Q. Do I call in advance of coming?
A. Not usually. If we schedule a time - I will be there!