Window Cleaning

Please call me for my price per window. Windows w/storms, picture/bay windows, are slightly higher. **I can usually tell you the price over the phone, so you'll know the cost before I come.** I usually do not remove storms but clean them in track; it is neater and there is NO water mess in the house. You don't have to do anything before I arrive (move furniture, take down drapes, etc.). I'm there to clean windows, wherever they are. If something is in the way, I'll move it and put it back.
Many people clean their own inside windows but find it very difficult to do the outsides, I'd be happy to clean them, you can save money and YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE HOME! I just come by, clean the outside windows, and leave a bill - simple!


I powerwash houses and decks, patios, stone walls, walkways, and even awnings! Just ask...the powerwasher lives in my van!! **I can usually give you a phone quote so you'll know before I come the approximate price.** Just a note: When you powerwash a deck, you should also stain it to protect your investment.




I clean & repair gutters [downspouts].



I also have an Ebay store!
I will buy your stuff! In garage, basement, attic, whatever!
Please ask me how I can turn your old 'stuff' into $Cash!